Purpose of the Laboratory

To carry out research and development studies in areas such as high performance aircraft models, navigation, control system design, flight electronics, simulations and tests, multiple combat and swarm flight operations, high level autonomy and decision support systems in aircraft, command and control systems design and applications, air transport management optimization, artificial intelligence and big data applications in aviation.

Mission of the Laboratory

Conducting advanced research activities on flight modeling and control, simulation and electronic systems and presenting them to industrial applications.

Research and Application Areas

Control, navigation and guidance system design and applications for all kinds of air, sea and ground vehicles. Simulation systems, and high precision vehicle, combat and command-control models.


  • Helicopter and Aircraft Simulator System

  • Network Mission Planning and Simulation System

  • 2 micro-helicopters and 1 ground vehicle for experimental applications

  • Numerous microprocessors, sensors and data acquisition devices for control and instrumentation purposes

  • Control experiment sets for training purposes

Researcher Information

The laboratory has 3 lecturers and 2 engineers. It also provides advanced research opportunities to 6 undergraduate and graduate students.

Ongoing Projects

Research Development and Application in Aviation, Helicopter and Aircraft Simulators, Manned-Unmanned System Joint Operation Command-Control Software, Micro-Avionic System, Pico Satellite Design.